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Cheese Lovers: listen up!

After a very successful test phase, we are now about to start with our own production of artisanal dairy specialities.

 Rice Paddy Bloomy Rind Artisanal Cheese
Rice Paddy Bloomy Rind Artisanal Cheese

Fresh cheeses such as cream cheese/labneh are available soon (the next weeks) and the ripened types will be available in about 2 months.

All cheeses are fully handmade and guaranteed free of any artificial additives

Until now the planning for the types of cheeses are:

  • Cream cheese / Labneh

  • Cream Cheese KY tropical style

  • Bloomy Rind Cheese (Sort of Camembert/Brie)

  • Red Mild

  • Red Stinky

  • Small red very stinky (petite munster style)

  • Blue cheese Gorgonzola style

  • Mozzarella (or more precise: Fior de Latte), occasionally

  • Feta style

  • Mountain style (similar to Appenzeller/Raclette)

  • Halloumi (on request)

So only a glass red and bread is missing to enter heavens (we can provide that too..)

Our European quality bakery line is growing, I will post some updates soon.

Please tell me:

I would be happy to hear your opinion or your favorite type of cheese! For that, or any other suggestion or request, please use the comment section below.

Sunny greetings,


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