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Two new premium ice cream flavors, Thai & Japanese

New Thai flavor: Long Kong

Long Kong (Langsat) Fruit
Long Kong (Langsat) Fruit

Long Kong (also known as Langsat) is a miracle plant because nearly every part has very healthy and/or useful properties. One of the 8 fruits you have to try before you die.

The fruits are very tasty but have some bitter seeds (healthy). Pitting them can only made manually - that's why you will never find ice cream made out of Langsat.

We went the extra mile and de-seeded the fruits to create a delicious chunky Long Kong Sorbet. It does not contain dairy but still very creamy from the fruit itself. Perfectly suiteable for vegans.

Second New flavor: Japanese Green Tea (Matcha)

Japanese Green Tea Ice Cream (Matcha)
Japanese Green Tea Ice Cream (Matcha)

Made with selected premium Matcha, this is an Ice Cream bursting with flavor.

Handmade with love - you will never find ingredients this good in commercial products. That's a promise.

(contains dairy)

All of our ice cream is now 50 instead of 70 baht per jumbo scoop.

Reminder: Islander (locals & expats) get additional 10% discount on everything.

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