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Presenting : Homemade Ice Cream

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Restaurant Rice Paddy now producing own Ice Cream Specialities

Better Quality

We can now ensure 100% about the natural ingredients and be 100% sure about the compositions.

We preferably use locally produced, seasonal and organic raw materials. No chemicals, artificial flavors or colorings or preservatives added.

Also, in case of allergies or diet restrictions there is no doubt anymore.

Price of our premium ice cream is 80 baht per jumbo scoop

Our first available flavors are:

  • Natural Vanilla

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Island Coconut

  • Chunky Mango Sorbet (Vegan)

  • Longan Sorbet (Vegan)

  • Thai Arabica Cappuccino

  • Thai Milk Tea

we are going to add flavors probably up to the rim of the freezer.

Feel free to tell us about your favorite flavor and we'll see if we can add.

You can use the comment section or post in the blog under "suggestions"

sunny greetings,


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